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Whats your dream job?Posted:

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Wanting to know a bit about you guys!
What's your dream job? Have you achieved it?

My dream job was to walk at Microsoft! But failed to pass my exams and stuff so yeah!

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Mikey (04-24-2017)
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My dream job is to work for HRT but you need at least 5 years military experience. I only did 3

For those who don't know what HRT is, it's the FBI's tactical weapons unit. (Hostage Rescue Team)
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It's a bit of a weird combination but from now until 35 I'd love to be a fighter pilot.
From 35 until I die I'd like to be an author, or teacher, of philosophy.

15 years or so of extreme g-force and seeing the world capped off with 40 more years of lazing around, writing and drinking.

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Round Two LA
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Would've liked to be a musician.
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Would love to be an actor,
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Would like a job in the engineering sector (Already have one but its ) where I can live comfortably without being in debt. Would love to work for Network Rail (Owners of the UK rail infrastructure {More or Less}) but its difficult to get in. However I have and am currently working on the Railways going through agencies.
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To become staff on TTG for one and another is a close protection driver
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