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Offline Music Apps?Posted:

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I recently used up my 3 month trial of Apple Music and bought an additional month and it has all ended. I am now left with no music on my phone and cannot afford anymore. I was wondering if anyone knows of any apps to download music and be able to play it offline. I am an iPhone user if that helps.
Thank you
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I would recommend Pandora, if you have a favorite artist you wanna hear or listen to it would be the best choice of music a bit advertisements but it gets the job done hope i helped sorry i don't know any good music apps other then Pandora
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Tubidy allows you to download songs and then play them offline
Hope this helped
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just download songs and move them into itunes ?
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Are you in college by chance? Apple Music is only $4.99 if you sign up with your college email.

Anyway, you could just download songs from the internet and put them on your phone with iTunes. That's what I used to do until Apple Music came out. Make sure you get a good VPN, just incase.
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Get a android and just download a song from YouTube or soudcloud
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I recommend you to check out Spotify, it's what I use and I love it. They have a free 30 day trial available on their website. [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

1). Go to their homepage.
2). Select "Get Spotify Premium"
3). Select "Start Free Trial" below "Go premium. Be happy."
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I recommend Spotify You can download music while you have a premium membership and still listen to it when your membership runs out! You can also just make a playlist of the song you want to hear.
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Or download music to your PC and move them over to itunes
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