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NBA Playgrounds Official TrailerPosted:

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NBA Playgrounds is on the same track as basketball and the NBA games we have nowaday but this game is just a little more funny and less competitive. This game is a full 2-on-2 game where you team up with a friend to battle against another team and get the most score. The game can be set in multiple courts and atmospheres enhancing the gameplay and making it a little more fun for you. Personally I feel like I would play this NBA a lot more than 2K or any other basketball game since this looks fun and up my alley. The game is set to release May 2017 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Take a quick look at the trailer.

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Mikey (04-05-2017)
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i can see myself playing this, ill be getting this to mess around with my co op friend.
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haha this game looks jokes
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This looks ridiculous and a little bit like NBA Jam
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That Dirk model was just horrifying.

That being said, I'll be buying this because it seems like a combo between Backyard Basketball and NBA street.
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