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Looking for a JasperRGHPosted:

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Looking to buy a Jasper RGH and must be a trusted seller. I bought one 3 weeks ago but the kid keeps telling me that he's going to send it and it's getting annoying waiting 3 weeks for a console. So i need someone that will not waste my time because i am seriously looking for a Jasper. Also let me know prices wise and stuff that you would do. Thank you and PM me on here!!!!

Also if it would be able to have XBLBallin
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If you're from the US try out Rodent_Modz

The console with come with FSD, Dashlaunch,

the console does not come with games, menus or stealth services.
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US 2012.html Rodent is #1 He'll stay in contact with you through the whole process, and ships all consoles on mondays.

If you're UK
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hey man, I sent you a pm. We talked a few days ago!
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I can get you sorted if you still need one, I can help you with anything you need once you get the console as well. Send me a message if you're interested.

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