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Get timestamps in your shoutbox NOW!Posted:

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Thanks to our constant complaining, telli has finally decided to consider adding timestamps to the shoutbox.

You can check for yourself by inspecting the HTML for each shout. You'll notice there is a new child inside of the shout div whose contents are a readable timestamp!

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This change happened only two hours ago from now! Don't ask me how I know this!

For now - the timestamps are hidden, as indicated by that ui-helper-hidden class. By removing them, we'll have those timestamps we've been wanting so bad!

The following line does that:

$( '.shout-stamp' ).removeClass( 'ui-helper-hidden' )

This uses jQuery to select every HTML element that has the shout-stamp class and removes from those elements the offending class described above. However, this will only do it once. We need a way to execute the above line of code several times. We can either enclose the above line in a function and stick that into a setInterval, but that'll be unnecessary work.

I've chosen to use a [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to observe the DOM for changes to the shoutbox. This is smoother than the setInterval-method because we can actually synchronize the class removal with shout updates from our side, whereas there is no way to synchronize the aforementioned interval with the GET request the shoutbox issues to get new shouts.

The code is then as follows (expand this one) -

$( '.shout-stamp' ).removeClass( 'ui-helper-hidden' )

let observer = new MutationObserver( mutations =>
    mutations.forEach( mutation => {
        if ( mutation.addedNodes.length == 1) {
            $( mutation.addedNodes[ 0 ] ).children( '.shout-stamp' ).removeClass( 'ui-helper-hidden' )

observer.observe( $( '#chatwindow' )[ 0 ], { childList: true } )

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I don't know what the **** I just read.

But if sounded pretty tech savy.

Thanks for the share.

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I'm from the fuutureee

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In all seriousness, he added this earlier today, looks like more SB goodies for us
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In reference to your code, don't overcomplicate things that have a simple solution.

$('.shout-stamp').livequery(function() {
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