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Do you want to see what i'm working on ?

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Been about 3-4 years ? but i'm backPosted:

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Wassup Guys TTGOfficialHoster Here also known on here as IIReapz previously i own a dev kit and an RGH i make trainers and do games development i've been working on a project recently which i have no name for but lets just call it We Are Last for now indie title 1 man dev team looking for beta testers and anyone who has any knowledge it development or has any cool ideas to implement i'm currently using UNREAL but i'm not sure if i'm sticking to it but we'll see thanks for taking the time to read this and having me back i will be posting pictures videos and web links so just be patient love everyone on TTG thanks again

PS my dev name goes by Sanctum my Studio Name is EyeLuminateGames

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  • Christmas!
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welcome back to the site man
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome back mate
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  • E3 2017
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Welcome Back, lets hope you become one of the active members here on TTG would like to see you around more myself!
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Welcome to TTG bro, keep us updated on this project of yours.

I'd contact staff about that second account before you get in shit bro
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Welcome back, I'll happily test your games for you.

Hopefully you'll stay active this time round.
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome back to TTG
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Welcome back, I hope to see you more active and lets get that next post by the next 3 years.
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Welcome back bro hope to see you around the forums soon
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Welcome back mane, good luck with your game.
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