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Dishonored 2 Getting a Free Trial This WeekPosted:

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Dishonored 2 will soon be getting a free trial this upcoming week to play for those who have never played this game before. The trail is looking to start this Thursday on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 with only access to the first 3 missions and a portion of the map for the players to explore. You will also get a chance to play as both of the main characters,Emily and Corvo. If you finish the trial completing everything and purchase the full version of the game, your save will carry over letting you continue where you started. There is no date of when the trial will end but sometime at the start of next week. On Thursday the trial will be under the Xbox Marketplace, PlayStation Marketplace, and the steam marketplace.

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Listen here wizard boy, gotta love your posts always keeping me updated on the deals, Thanks for this ^_^ really want to check this out.
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Damn missed this ffs oh well
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I'm disappointed I really need to get into the dishonored series
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