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am i the only one?Posted:

  • V5 Launch
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the newest layout is horrible the previous was 100% better definitely dont like this topic prefix thing its like looking at a rainbow down my page...
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I think the prefix's are great, At first i didn't take the biggest liking to them but now im used to them they are brilliant, Probably what the site needed tbh.
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alot of members did not like the new update at first, but got used too it.

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Its alright i don't mind it, it makes everything neat.

Still miss my runescape forums though
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It really is something to get used to. Personally, overall nothing will beat v4 for me, that layout was in my eyes the perfect version. But, change is always a nice thing to see from time to time don't get me wrong. I feel like the prefix makes things easier to search for, not at first you need to get used to the layout before it gets "easy".
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I thought it was a bad update at first, but now that I've gotten used to it, it's pretty decent and easy to navigate. I also think the prefixes are a nice addition since things are more organized now.
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The old one was much better
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OhG wroteThe old one was much better

Yeh I prefer the old version , it's okay the new update but will always prefer the last version,

Just my opinion tho
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Personally I think the prefix feature is great to have and all the forums are all in order. It's 50/50 some people like and and some hate it. You can't get a person to like the feature they always say something about it.
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  • Winter 2017
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I didn't like it at first, but that was because it was new; I wasn't used to it. But after a little while I've gotten used to it. And I prefer it to the old layout.
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