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Best way to get money on Xbox?Posted:

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Are there any ways to mod on USB and make money? I don't even mind it being even $1 a lobby but it is nice to get something. I am trying to learn how to mod with USB but it's a process because only part of my USB ports work on my PC. Please let me know!
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Eh usb mods are mainly for you and also used offline for most games
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Waw is the only game u could get and I doubt anyone would pay for a USB menu on waw. I don't even think it can work for others. Try getting someone to infect you on waw or cod 4 and sell those lobbies of infections. That's your best luck
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USB mods arent good enough to be able to charge people. Most of the mods can only be done offline and the mods you can even get online aren't very good. Maybe a few years ago you could but now when so many people have RGH's and mods are so easy to get I doubt anyone would pay for anything on a USB. Especially when they could probably just do it for themselves

Only thing I've ever bought for a USB was gamerscore and avatar mods but this was going back about 7 years ago
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Chances of making money off USB mods are extremely unlikely.

Anybody with the IQ slightly higher than a monkey is able to USB mod.

Even if you have an RGH / Jtag.

People aren't buying nearly as much as they used to.

Getting a bit late into the mod scene man.
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