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First Car HELP!Posted:

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Ok so i am 16 and i have my permit and ll have my liscense soon and i'm getting a car soon but i don't know what to get. i don't know how to drive stick yet but i want to get a subaru so what's a good fast automatic subaru and it has to be under 6.5k plz help thanks
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good luck finding a "FAST" Subaru for 6.5k, ok so i will assume you have no idea how to work on cars, changing a tire does not count. if you do get a "FAST" subaru i am guessing it will have tons of work done too it unless you turn the 6.5k to 40k and get a pretty fast stock Subaru. i would not buy a car that has tons of work done too it, you will never know the history behind it for 6.5k. Back too Subaru, these cars don't lose value very fast, id look at a 350z, Mustang, Lexus IS300.

Also, I don't think you will find a fast automatic subaru for 6.5k, STI's, WRX, Brz are most likely too be manual, you can find a WRX automatic but won't be for 6.5k. like i said above look at a nissan 350z that's what most of my friends got when they first got into cars. These cars look very good with not many aftermarket parts added.

Goodluck with your sale, don't be so hyped and make a wrong decision/purchase like i did when i got my first car. Take your time & a mechanic.
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As said, the "fast" category usually isn't in the 6.5k range. That of course depends on what "fast" means to you.

As far as "fast" cars in the $6.5k range, 90's BMW 7 series, 2000's Toyota Celica, 90's/ 2000's Mustangs and Crown Vics, 90's Firebirds / Camaros, etc. Before you buy the car, get a quote on insurance and see how much basic repairs and maintenance will cost. German cars are super expensive to fix, generally anything not domestic is going to be expensive.

For a first car I don't think fast is really what you should be looking for. You just need something to get up to freeway speed that you can practice on and won't care if it gets hit / you hit something. I would be looking at safety before fast. Do you know how many friends I had that thought they were Nascar drivers and flipped their car and died? 2 died, a couple more hurt themselves really bad. As a new driver, just focus on learning to drive.

Lastly, don't spend the whole $6.5k, how much would it suck if you bought the car, spent all your money and then find out it needs new CV axles? Check out THIS THREAD before buying a car to know what to look for.
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Probably not going to find a good Subaru until 6.5k, may wanna look into a VW 1.8T, you can do small stuff to increase HP on them
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You won't find a decent "fast" car for this cheap, if you do it's probably been given hell with lots of miles on it. As others suggested, you can get a 350z or an older mustang, but I own a Z @ 18 and I got it when I was 17. The insurance is fairly bad and I wouldn't 100% suggest it, nor would I suggest a $6.5k 350z (it really depends on area). Buy a decent little 4 cylinder and be happy, and save $$$..
If you end up getting a "fast" car, I PERSONALLY would recommend learning how to drive stick.

My opinion.
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Best thing to probably go with now is an N/A Impreza.. I own an '06 2.5i Impreza sedan. It's obviously no WRX or STI but its a fun car and my first car. You get the looks without so much performance. Going fast shouldn't be a priority for a new driver unless you have a death wish.

A lot of N/A Imprezas from '02-'05 can be had in that price range. Miles and condition of course will be factors in that price. The '06-'07s will be a bit more costly unless you find a good deal, which isn't always so good of a deal.
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An old Impreza with a cooked transmission lol
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