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Road to Gold Gifter Badge!Posted:

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I would like to give back to the community as I've been almost a 6 year member and still don't have the gold gifter badge. I went for it awhile ago when I didn't have much extra money but now that I have a stable job I would like to give back. I wanna give a huge shoutout to XAB for the gold!

Now to the good part!
How to enter!

For a chance to win just comment below and you are automatically entered in! I will be randomly choosing winners that I see think deserve it the most. I'm currently at 3 gifts of gold so I got a long ways to the badge but that means gold, gold, and more gold for everyone!

Rep and a thank you would be much appreciated but not required!

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The Following 21 Users Say Thank You to njacoby For This Useful Post:

Toward (04-04-2017), XP_HOSTER (04-04-2017), Dusk (04-03-2017), Xbox (04-03-2017), Vera (04-03-2017), 69_69 (04-03-2017), Decy (04-03-2017), Daniel (04-03-2017), Tank (04-03-2017), Reevy (04-03-2017), Manny18k (04-03-2017), Tom (04-02-2017), -Sparks (04-01-2017), 20 (04-01-2017), Dusky (04-01-2017), Sanjuu (04-01-2017), Mr_Robot (04-01-2017), Sensational (04-01-2017), DlCE (04-01-2017), Devil (04-01-2017), Mikey (04-01-2017)
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Nice man ill enter lets get u that badge :-)

Thanked and repped bro
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Hey I would like to enter

Thanks for the opportunity
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I would like to enter, i want to change my username and add more gold i am very active and you definitely seen me before.

Goodluck to everyone +repped and thanked.
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Count me in! Thanks man sent u some rep for helping people out
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Ah you got me. APRIL FOOLS
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Just ran out so ill enter
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Hey ill enter lets get you that badge
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I will enter this, thanks for this!
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Count me in, thanks.
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