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6 year member...gone so quickPosted:

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I'm not that active anymore, but still use the site now and again as I had a lot of memories on here. Still love it on here, but can't believe how much it's changed since I first joined. It's definetly a good thing that the site has moved away from modding and lobbies (which I originally joined for, back when COD was at its greatest)

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone, especially staff who keep the site running and continue to make it better

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Congratulations on 6 years old man :p
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welcome back glad to see older members coming back and trying to be active again. The more the better.
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Congrats on 6 years
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Dang, I'll be at 6 years here soon.
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We are glad to have you here bro. Congrats on the 6 years
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Congratz on the 6 years boii and yeah site changed alot
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Congrats bro. I was in the same boat I came across this website looking for a modded lobby.
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Congrats on hitting 6 years! Also congrats on 100 rep. Hopefully I'll see you around again sometime.
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Congrats and welcome brother! Keep up the good work.
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