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What do you love most about TheTechGame?Posted:

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Personally, i love the fact that you can ask literally anything on here and someone can always provide an answer or at least advice!

Edit: Tbh I love almost everything about it!

So, what do you enjoy most?

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Keeps me pretty entertained when i am bored. i don't even own a xbox/Playstation but still come here alot
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I like everything about ttg.

The ShoutBox is the main thing though.
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I love the community as a whole, everyone is so nice and supportive love you guys :*
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Community. Some not so much, but for the most part community.
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I think the most important thing I like a bout this site is that you can talk to people on here like you're sending an email to somebody. The gold features is a nice thing to have as well.
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I love the people here I just wish I could accomplish things on here. I honestly see every single user accomplishing so much every day and my mind gets blown on how I can't do the same things. I try and try and try again but everything I do just goes in the trash. It sucks. I wish things were different but it's whatever to be honest I'm going to stop trying. It's been 2+ years since I've accomplished anything.
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Well I was never really apart of this community until recently since I got my account back and I haven't really had any interactions with anyone yet.

So I'm gonna just have to say that I love the forum overall, seeing what people have to say and people's opinions on things.
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Kills time
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Staying informed from the news articles & the gold forums.
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