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Patch Notes V1.32Posted:

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Today's hotfix addresses several issues that came with our v1.31 Dropshot update earlier this week. This update is being deployed on all platforms (PS4, PS4 Pro, Steam, and Xbox One).



  • Fixed the double Boost spawn on Beckwith Park (Night)
  • The ball height indicator/decal will now correctly appear on the Blue teams half of Arena Core 707
  • Optimized Dropshot dedicated server performance to reduce problems reported since our last update. This benefits all game modes as any server sharing resources with a Dropshot match was affected
  • Fixed an issue with player spawn position in Steam Workshop maps
  • Players who enter Training directly from the end game screen will no longer prevent their party leader from searching for another match.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Party Leaders to search for a new match while already in a lobby if a new player joined the party.
  • Map-specific Loading Screens have temporarily been disabled while we investigate game stability issues introduced in the Dropshot update.
  • Additional performance improvements to Aquadome

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It's good they were quick on patching these, I haven't even played the new game mode much yet.
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