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Lewandowski or Aubameyang?Posted:

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Who is the better striker in fifa 17?
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Aubameyang on FUT always
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Auba for sure, so much pace. If you can afford both than use Lewa as your starter striker and in the 70th minute or so bring on Auba so he can just out pace everyone
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Lewandowski is the better striker in all ways but Aubameyang has a lot of pace and will easily out pace everyone plus his shooting is pretty good.

I'd go for auba though, just because of his really good pace + decent shot. He's pretty op
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Depends what card and your play style, if you just run get Auba but if your good at build up play and holding the ball up get Lewy especially his 93 if you can afford it unreal striker, not tried his 94 yet though.
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Go for Aubameyang.

Lewandowski has a lack of pace and his strength isn't enough to make up for it, so he's always outpaced and outmuscled.

Whereas Aubameyang...
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Auba purely for the pace and set him to get in behind.
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