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When job interviewers ask why you want the jobPosted:

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This is a pet peeve for me. I mean especially when they say honest answers, they all know we want the job because we need the money and that is all but they want an answer like "I saw this job and thought it looked interesting and wanted to give it a go". Like they even at me when I used to work at McDonalds and its like no one wants to work here, I go to your competitor and the only reason I won't is because I got the job here first, I don't care about your company but I want money.

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Some people like to have certain jobs and not be in it just for the money but to also enjoy it aswell.

But yea I understand.
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It depends what level of education you are on really, I mean if you walk in to an architecture department then obviously the question is valid, but if you were going for a job that requires less skill then I suppose the question isn't really relevant.
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So true I don't care what job it is, you're doing it because you need money to survive comfortably
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I hate it when they ask that question, all I want to do is shout "want to get me some boats and hoes"
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Some people don't just want the job for the money.

Some people want to develop their skills, become better at certain things etc.

Not all people are in it just for the money.

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Yea that's retarded
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Be honest and answer cause you want money. I did that when I was in 6th form and wanted to work in McDonalds. Since, I work in Cloud engineering for a massive company, in the interview I said my primary motive was money. Secondary being to improve my skills on an industrial level, giving myself a world class education in this field. Now I'm doing reasonably well.

Obviously, they expect you to say money is the primary source of motivation; it is for everyone. You should always have another reason as to why you want a job. McDonalds? Improve interpersonal skills and dealing with people at a customer level.

Think about it
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thats why i started my own business, when ever a job interviewer always asked why do you want the job i always gave the samething i want the job cause i need to pay bills food and other stuff of course like only 2 out of the many places i applied to liked my honesty but sadly never gotten any of the jobs i wanted, thats why applying for jobs is a joke and its easy to start a business in a basement and get started like that, but yeah you can answer honestly but some will think youre lying
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i want the job because flipping burgers for shit pay is my ambition and brings me joy in life
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