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Are you buying Call Of Duty: WWII?

68.18% (15 votes)
31.82% (7 votes)
0.00% (0 votes)

Total Votes: 22

Is Call Of Duty: WW2 on your buy list?Posted:

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Since the next Call of Duty is said to be CoD WWII I'm wondering if going back to WW2 really matters to anyone in terms of buying the next Call of Duty.

I know its too early to say what the game is like but going off just the fact its World War 2 would you buy it or are you done with CoD overall?

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i'll give it a go
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If the next COD is WW2 based I have no doubt I'll buy it, but saying that I purchase every COD despite knowing disappointment to be awaiting. For me, I believe that just if it is WW2 based that doesn't mean they won't add something in that us COD players dislike, for example pay to win supply drops or gun variants (AW).

The fact that COD has refused to listen to their player base for the past few years and it's only took them until now to consider going back to what people like suggests to me this COD will not be one to go down in history as one of the best, like MW or BO2. I also think gaming has developed far too much to have a simple shooter people all round enjoy, and no bf1 is not simple.

Who knows though, let's wait and see.

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If it's all true I will definitely be getting it
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Is that really a question? haha
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I'm definitely going to buy it. Since I buy every CoD game
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Most likely, especially it being WWII. I have a thing for old war games than modern, enjoy them a lot more than a modern battle
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Really depends on the way they want to go with it. can't say i'll buy it as i've seen nothing gameplay wise.
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If they make the game like World at War, I will be buying it.
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