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Call of Duty: WWIIPosted:

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It is belevied the next call of duty will be set in ww2 era.

"Eurogamer sources have confirmed that a series of images leaked last week via YouTube are referencing this years entry in the long-running series, Call of Duty: WWII."

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This is exciting used to be an avid competitive COD player until this latest Call of Duty, recently have shifted over more to PC but hopefully this can revamp my love for the old game.
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About time they went back to the old school games. All this exo jumping and all the other rubbish has ruined call of duty. Hopefully they'll redeem themselves this year.
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I'm so happy! I'm so tired of these futuristic Call of Duty's.
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To be honest for me I feel like there will always be complaints on both sides. One side being people that only like futuristic and then people that HATE IT, for me I like both but hopefully they will not mess this game up as much as they did COD 4 remastered.
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I honestly hope they keep this game nice and simple. A remastered WaW would also be great. That game was siiiick
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