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Need Some more music to listen to.Posted:

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I'm looking for some more music to listen to, so list what u got below

Here is what I listen to so you can get an Idea what songs I wouldn't like.

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Can't help you since I don't like any of that music.
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Album then artist

More life Drake
Future Future
Blacc Hollywood Wiz Khalifa
Illmatic Nas
R.A.P. Music Killer Mike
Run the Jewels 3 Run the Jewls
Untitled Kendrick Lamar
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Can't exactly say, but since you have logic on the list i can throw a few names.

Abstract, K.A.A.N, Russ.
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If you like Congratulations, you should listen to the rest of Post Malones Stoney album, it's good. He's probably my favorite artist right now.
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Mask Off by Future
Suicide Boys - kill yourself part 3
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D. unis on soundlcoud or youtube
Goofy mike on soundcloud
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check out some bones man

so chill
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