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KV Sales Thread @ Forums/p=39729791.html#39729791

We'll today i woke up and had a pretty shitty day, got on TTG like i normally do every day. Then my attitude goes from 0-100 real quick! I would like to give a BIG thank you to Sean & Rodent_Modz. If it wasn't for them i would not have this opportunity, as some of you may know this has been my goal ever since i started my services here on TTG 4 years ago! This is my biggest achievement yet, and i will not let anyone down. You have chosen the rite candidate for the badge!

Have a snazzy day everyone!

Picture of my puppy
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Thanks, DreamMods!

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Congrats man they dont give that badge out freely!

Where it with pride!
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Congrats dude very well deserved, will be looking forward to making purchases from you in the future.
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Congrats pal well earned.
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Congrats on Trusted seller badge carry it with pride!
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Congratulations on your badge! I hope for your sales to go well!
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knew you would get this badge sometime soon. Congratulations and hope the best with your shops!
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Congratz on the badge man
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Congrats on trusted. Mad proud of you bro. Was a long time coming tbh. Now go out there and make more sales!
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Well done, huge achievement. See you at 3k posts.
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