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Super Mario Run Launches Early On Android + 2.0 UpdatePosted:

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Announced to be release today on March 23th, Super Mario Run has launched a day early for andriod. The game is the exact same and free of course. The whole game is not free since once you reach a certain spot in the game you will be required to purchase the full game for 10$ unlocking you the full game with all stages and characters. The version of this game is currently 2.0.0 on both Andriod & iOS.

In the 2.0 update you will now be able to play as one of the newish playable characters, this new character is a different colored Yoshis with the ability to change to different colors. They have also made the free trial bigger allowing more play time without purchasing the full version for 10$. More fixes and additions were added and a list will be posted below.

New playable characters added!
    You can now get different colored Yoshis to join! Play Toad Rally with a Yoshi of a particular color to get more Toads of that color!

More of the game is now available to play for free!
    Bowsers Challenges are now available!
    By completing one of Bowsers challenges you can unlock the previously locked course 1-4, where you can do battle with Bowser!
    You can check the details of Bowsers challenges by tapping 1-4.

If you clear course 1-4
    You will get new courses to play in Toad Rally! On the newly playable courses, red Toads will also be joined by blue and green ones to cheer you on!
    You will be able to get buildings from the Shop that you previously couldnt using those blue and green Toads. Among the buildings you can get is the Blue Yoshis House, which lets Blue Yoshi join your adventure!

New buildings to be added.
    Look forward to the new buildings that will be added in an upcoming event!

Easier to get Rally Tickets in the Bonus Game House.
    You can use the Rally Tickets you get to play Toad Rally!

Easy Mode can now be selected at the entrance of World Tour courses.
    Youll now be able to clear those trickier courses using Easy Mode!

The appearance rates of different colored Toads in Toad Rally has been adjusted.
    Youll be able to get lots of Toads and use them to get more buildings!

Adjustments have been made to the tutorial to make it easier to understand.
    The tutorial will appear upon launching the game for the first time. Or, you can access it any time by tapping the How to Play button on the lower-right corner of the World Tour screen.
    Learn all about Marios special actions, pink coins, and more!

Ease of play has been improved.
    Adjusted the number of Rally Tickets that you get from the ? Block.
    Adjusted the requirements to get some buildings in the Shop.

Other changes and improvements.

patch notes were found here: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
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My mate plays this all the time at work lol, just look pretty good. Is this not on the iphone then?
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Mikey wroteMy mate plays this all the time at work lol, just look pretty good. Is this not on the iphone then?

Game has been out on iPhone for a couple months now. I personally think it's worth the $10. Nice little game to kill some time.
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Debating downloading this now
I get addicted to mobile games so easy Oh well, here we go...
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i installed it still never played it because it doesn't work with a rooted android device
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