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Does anyone play Paintball?Posted:

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Hey guys i was just wondering if you guys played paintball. Woodsball speedball doesnt mater just wanted to know.

Thats me in the front. btw
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I used to play in highschool, was pretty good but just lost interest.
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I used to play alot but all my friends stopped playing so i followed them and did the same. I wish it is as popular as it used to be like 5-6 years ago
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I do not
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Played it a few times with friends, never played it occasionally. That shit hurts!
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i used to play paintball but then i got into airsoft i think its way better.
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I much prefer airsoft.
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Not popular where i'm from :L
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Used to play a bunch with friends, as a kid I went to a few week long paintball camps. Always wanted to join a team but never got around to it
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I use to play a lot, i still would if i knew more people who did and there was better places to play
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