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VexiMods(PS3 Modder)Posted:

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Hello everyone, I am new to TTG. As you can see my name is VexiMods (you can just call me Vexi) I am a modder on the PS3 platform. If you would like proof please check out my YouTube Channel or my Instagram @VexiMods. Thanks for taking the time to look at my Introduction.

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Mikey (04-06-2017), KingTaco (03-26-2017), Mr_Robot (03-25-2017), dah (03-25-2017), Boss (03-24-2017), Skates (03-22-2017)
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Welcome to the site Vexi.
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Welcome to TTG, Vexi!
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Welcome, I hope to see you around.
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Welcome to the site vexi mods.
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Welcome to TTG, hope to see your lobbies/
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Dope, we need more modders on the site as this ps3 community is dead. You wouldn't even catch over 10 people on that section. Anyways welcome to this site, enjoy yourself here and if you got any questions bring it my way. I'm a ps3 hoster as well.
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Welcome man. Its always cool to see a fellow modder
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welcome back mate
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