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Skyrim Quiz Q/A on Xbox 03/03/2016Posted:

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Bronze - 6 questions

Which Skyrim add on focuses on home building?

What is Skyrim's most challenging difficulty setting called?

In relation to Tamriels capital's city Cyrodil, where in skyrim is located?

Which of these features was introduced to Skyrim's special edition on xbox one?
All Of These

What does contracting lycanthropy do for your character?

Which race is not playable in Skyrim?

Silver - 13 questions

Which of the following is a prerequisite for adopting a child in Hearthfire?
An Available Bedroom

The Thieves Guild begins in Skyrim in which location?

The shrines of Skyrim all have 1 thing in common, which is it?
They All Cure Diseases

Where is the lover standing stone located?
The Reach

Who is the librarian at the College of Winterhold?
Urag Go Shrub

Where was Skyrim officially announced?
2010 Video Game Rewards

How many stages of vampirism can your character go through?

Which of these is not considered a skill for combat?

Which of the following npcs provides training for skill block?
Njada Stonearm

When did Skyrim's first dlc release on Xbox 360?
June 26th

Prior to the release which of the following movies was cited as an influence for Skyrim?

Which of the following is not part of the nine divines?
What main quest item must be retrieved from Farengaar from Bleak Falls Barrow?
dragon stone

Gold - 19 questions

Who leads the Stormcloak Rebellion?
Ulfric Stormcloak

The Shout Mid Vur Shaan unleashed what ability?
Battle Fury

Which of the following prime time shows referenced Skyrim?

Which of the following is not considered a major hold capital in Skyrim?

Which of the nine dives was banned from worship by the Thalmor?

Which collectible can only be only be found in Sarenthi Farm?
Crimson Nirnroot

What are the rulers of each hold called?

Who is the final boss of the main quest?

This type of horse can only be found at Katlas Farm?

The animal companion a husky can be found within Fort Dawnguard?

Which of the following npcs can become your housecarl?
The Grand Staff Of Charming

In 2012 which feature was added first with a free update to Skyrim on Xbox?
New Kill Cams

The verse line of dragon borns chorus translates to what in English?
dragonborn, dragonborn by his honour is sworn.

What Orc is known as the Gourmet?
Balagog Gro-Noob

This ingredient is the only Darkfall Cave system?

Which mountain is the tallest in Tamriel?
The Throat Of The World

This character is the founder of the companions?

Which of the following npcs can be your housecarl in Falkreath Hold?

Which of the weapons carries the highest value?
Grand Staff Of Turning

This piece of text was done fairly quickly so as most things life are not perfect this might also have some spelling mistakes but if you're not bothered about grammar then no worries - just enjoy! These questions are part of a quiz that's on xbox one at this current moment in time. Maybe you can get the highest score
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