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Anime moved to dedicated prefix!Posted:

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We have been moved to a prefix! Meaning more than likely we will see possibly more activity within the section.

With that being said is there anything you guys would like to see in here? Discussion threads for airing shows perhaps?

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I need more anime wallpapers. My collection is only in the low thousands.
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Perhaps some reviews, places to possibly watch it, when something new comes out maybe some good memes/gifs etc

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Should of been deleted.
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I agree with "Airing shows" also maybe something for "Live Events".. "Boxing, Ufc, E3, i60" could be a very good addition. or For example a post would be made for Insomnia 60, which would include the "Livestream of the event" and "The Event Schedule".

Also things that have been released so far at the event. Could also include a POLL to ask users what their expecting to see from developers and companies. or Once the event day/weekend is over the prefix would be changed to "Event Overview", the past event broadcast would be left in the post along with an overview/write up of everything that got talked about and released at that event.

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Can we make it pink again
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A sticky for a post your waifu thread.
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I make a monthly Thread about airing shows :^)
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