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Anyone else find it odd that during gold giveaways people be bragging about how they help out or gift other users gold? I mean if you're going to do something nice for someone don't expect to get rewarded for it later on because otherwise you are just acting in selfishness. Like they say a good deed dies once it's spoken about.

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Yea i never mentioned that i gift users
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Well most of the time the giveaway says to explain why they deserve gold.
And them saying they help out the com and also gifted users in the past is why they feel they deserve it.
I don't think they're trying to be rewarded from saying that, that's probably the only thing they ever did for the com.
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Pretty pointless me talking about gifting people. I've gifted for the past year or so, i did host gold give away's but got to the point people got butt hurt over how much rep or thanks i'd gone up so i decided to just gift at random. Very few users gift who don't want rewards for it whether they talk about it or not. The thing i don't like is a gold give away that is just 1 or a couple of gifts and end up only gifting 1 person. For me that's just a waste of time even posting it. If you want to gift, just gift. That's how i see it.
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I used to do a lot of gold giveaways, but I never really cared for your reason on why you should get it. I thought it was biased that way. I did st first, but then I stopped and switched to doing it randomly because it's more fair that way.

You can post about all your milestones and achievements, but that's not gonna make me want to gift you. That's gonna show how you like bragging and think you're better than others.

My opinion is to just do it randomly. It causes less drama that way.
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There are countless members who are the most generous members which so happen to be the most influential, awesome and outstanding people. I don't think I would be as active without them e.g. Greg & Jay. They never ever ask for anything in return if anything they hate getting things back. I see what you mean though buddy.
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I honestly agree with Skates, they may say they have gifted users gold, but I gift because I want to give back to the community, I mention that I've gifted gold but that's not to be rewarded, I can afford my own gold, I gift because I want to. I couldn't care less for a reward, I like the fact that I'm able to help those who cannot purchase it, but then I also understand your point, on why you feel the way you do and I completely respect that.
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