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I'm gonna have to get use to it. Not something I am a custom of but I'm sure I'll get use to it soon.
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i Like how All the Treads are a lot easier to read and find certain games
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Really like the concept of the prefixes.
Keeps the site clean and easy to navigate.

Can't neglect the biggest change.... having the shoutbox tab right at the top
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Took me some time to get use to everything and where all the prefixes are located but overall it was a fantastic change making organization and the feel of the site a little better. Personally some prefixes arent needed for its popularity and some should be combined in some areas for the simularity between them like game with me prefixes in 2 different areas. Overall this update was a great one and cant wait to see more smaller updates fixing this in the future. Great job!
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Much prefer 5.1

Looking forward to the IM updates coming up too!
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starting to like it now its alot cleaner then the old one.
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I was hoping to see a large increase in people visiting the SB since its so much more obvious on the forums. So far not a huge difference, but we'll just have to wait and see.
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