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Wizard Hits 1000 Rep | "Glorious Beacon of Light"Posted:

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So after 4 years of being off and on I have finally reached the beacon of light. I would like to thank every member who has given me rep in the past and all the staff who take care of me. There is also many other members who I would love to thank who've been there helping me out or just having a blast in IM like cent or skate but there's many more. This was one of the bigger milestones I waiting on for a while now and I can now finally relax. Not much else to talk about, thanks a lot guys.

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The Following 22 Users Say Thank You to Tom For This Useful Post:

Zesri (03-02-2017), Mickers (03-02-2017), Daniel (03-02-2017), Dusky (03-02-2017), Pipn (03-02-2017), Skates (03-01-2017), Xbox (03-01-2017), Rip (03-01-2017), Mortar (03-01-2017), Axios (03-01-2017), Puppet_Master (03-01-2017), prodigy (03-01-2017), Mr_Robot (03-01-2017), Jay (03-01-2017), Rodent_Modz (03-01-2017), Devil (03-01-2017), Chat (03-01-2017), Chris (03-01-2017), Soak (03-01-2017), Ethan (03-01-2017), Nathan (03-01-2017), Luke (03-01-2017)
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Damnnn son you grinding. Grats!!
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Grats bro
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Congrats buddy on 1,000 rep very well deserved, keep doing what you do!
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Congrats Thanked and Rep added keep up the good work
1k Awesome!
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Welcome to the purp squad mayn!
Gratz on hitting the 1000 rep bud.
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Aayyyy finally man, congrats on 1K
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Congratulations on the achievement my fellow ninja
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wot in reputation... Congratulations Wizard!
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Congrats on 1K Rep man!
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