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3 Years In This DatabasePosted:

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Although I've been here for 7 years today when i count my old account.. My current account turned 3 today

Progression of TTG has improved so much since i first visited the site back in 2010, It's so cool to be involved in such an awesome community. I really can't wait to see what the future holds for all us members

Here's to another 3 Years

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The Following 9 Users Say Thank You to Strokes For This Useful Post:

Mickers (03-02-2017), Skates (03-01-2017), Xbox (03-01-2017), prodigy (03-01-2017), Mr_Robot (03-01-2017), Rodent_Modz (03-01-2017), Saku (03-01-2017), EMP (03-01-2017), Tom (03-01-2017)
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Congrats big bro thanks for being a role model to me and others man and also thanks for being the first person to gift me
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Congrats on 7 overall years
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Congrats always a helpful member Thanked and Rep!
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Happy 3rd/7th ttg birthday man
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Woah, still around after 7 years in total?
Well done.
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My boy Strokes is finally growing up. So proud of the progress you've made since your second birthday
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Congrats on 3 years with the community.

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Congrats on 3 years, keep doing what you do!
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