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What should I do?Posted:

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So I went on an interview yesterday and got the call for the job today to start tomorrow. The thing is that tomorrow I have an interview for BJ's Wholesale and then another for Kohls on Saturday. The job I got is for manufacturing and dispatching high end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, etc. The thing is though is that it's only a temp job but they said it could extend to a long term job depending on if my boss likes me. What do I do? If I was taking the job, I would have to start tomorrow.
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I am actually dealing with this same thing right now. I recently quit my job a few days ago and i have applied to a few places. One place wants me to come in today at 12, and then two of them want me to go in tommorow at 5.

I would just recccomend going with the job that you like best and that you will enjoy the most doing
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Flip a coin, It's how I deal with all my tough decisions.

Heads - you go the temp job that you got accepted for.

Tails - you wait and attend the other job interview for BJ's Wholesale.
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I wouldn't turn down a job, based on the fact you might get another job. Unless the pay is way better at BJs or whatever.. I'd call the places you have the interview and apologize and say you were offered a job and you're going to have to cancel the interview. That way you at least leave it open if this job doesn't work out.
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If you went in for the interview, then you wanted the job. Don't waste their time by going through all the hoops and saying you have an interview at other places. I would call off the other places and enjoy your new job.
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