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Potion is PC nowPosted:

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Guys I'm PCMR according to my new badge.

Shoutout to
Horizon Zero Dawn
My networking professor
The shoutbox
PHP language
Minute rice

The Following 21 Users Say Thank You to Potion For This Useful Post:

Loke (03-02-2017), Gamgee (03-02-2017), Nudies (03-02-2017), Ache (03-01-2017), prodigy (03-01-2017), Miss (03-01-2017), Jay (03-01-2017), Rodent_Modz (03-01-2017), Mr_Robot (03-01-2017), imgur (03-01-2017), Xbox (03-01-2017), Mortar (03-01-2017), Skates (03-01-2017), Vial (03-01-2017), Brigand (03-01-2017), Saki (03-01-2017), Devil (03-01-2017), Spencer (03-01-2017), Chris (03-01-2017), Tom (03-01-2017), Luke (03-01-2017)
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Congratulations my good sir, well deserved.
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Probably don't even subnet the subnet.

Congrats on PC though
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Thank you uncle Ben. Grats on badge
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Congrats on PC mustard Race man
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Congratulations PC user. Glad to see you've achieved another rare badge. Keep up the great work man. You're so dreamy man.
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Grats on the sweet new badge.
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Congrats you really deserve it, keep up your hard work ;)
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Well done on the PCMR bud, hope to see myself there too.

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Well I done said congrats but them weird mods felt the need to delete for some reason so congrats again man.

See you in the shoutbox.

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