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New To TTG Long Time GamerPosted:

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Evening All,

New here because i seek advice and tips regarding building a new gaming PC.

Been playing for many years now and time for a proper upgrade.

I play all sorts of games such as H1Z1, LoL, Overwatch and newly found Conan and Hellion.

Used to stream a little on Twitch also.

Hope to speak with you all soon.
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  • Christmas!
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Make sure you read the site rules!

Have fun!
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Hey Puglyfe!

Welcome to TheTechGame! I am sure you will love it here and all the members that is hosts everyday! If you are looking on building a PC I would suggest messaging 13(member on here) because he can help you will anything you need to know about building a PC when you have a budget!

You could also go into the PC Building Forum and make a post! Just make sure you follow the rules when making the post!

Finally, come join the Shoutbox! Its a great way to meet new people and meet some of the staff!

If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM or just join the shoutbox since there is always at least one active staff member in there!
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I hope to see you around, especially in the shoutbox.
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Welcome to ttg, check the shoutbox sometime!
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Welcome to TTG it's nice to meet you! hope you stick around
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome to TTG, Hope to see you around <3
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Welcome to the site bud see you around
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Welcome to the site homie.
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Its about that pug lyfe *insert thug life meme*

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