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Built a new team.Posted:

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I have about 200k to buy a new ST.

The players I have on my bench I usually bring on so don't say any of them, was thinking of buying upgraded Sanchez? Or playing someone like Arnautovic SIF on weak chem?

Any suggestions? Can be either a ST/LF/RF
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IF Mane looks really good. Haven't tried him myself but the reviews for him looks unreal. MOTM Walcott doesn't look bad either. If you wanted a striker and not a winger then Aguero is about 200K on Xbox.

I wouldn't get Sanchez though, one high/high is bad enough. Don't want both your strikers to have bad workrates. Arnautovi looks really good, a bit too slow though IMO and has bad workrates. Depends if you like that style of play or not. Basically the complete opposite to Walcott.

I would just start Ibrahimovic if I was you though. When you sub players on this year they get 5 chem, it's a complete waste to not just start him IMO, especially since he has good stamina and he's not going to be doing much running. All down to you though.
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You could try Yaya toure at striker with a hunter card or hawk he looks op
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Lukaku maybe.. Son doesnt have that much strength so its an option.
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