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How can I attach a picture to a post?Posted:

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I'm on my iPhone and I was wondering how I attach a picture to a post, I know "back in the day" there was a option on the mobile device but I don't see it there anymore.
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[img]insert image here[/img]
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Click this icon:

[img]image url goes here, has to be the direct image link so it'll end in an image file extension (.gif, .png, etc.)[/img]
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Daniel wrote[img]insert image here[/img]

Make sure its a image link too OP.
Usually they end in .png .jpeg or .gif.
You can't just paste a photo from your camera roll.
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Put .png at the end of the link
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First you will need to upload the image to a image hosting site like imgur. then you need to take the direct link from the photo and paste it between a [img] and a [/img]. make sure it has either png or jpg at the end or it wont work
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