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YouTubers calling their audience "Fans"...Posted:

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In my opinion the only people who can have fans are people who own a jersey (Football players, basketball players, soccer players, etc.) In my opinion unless you have a jersey you don't have fans, you have supporters or an audience. A lotta people will think I'm wrong on this topic but that's the way I see it.

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fan is short for fanatic, so I mean..... yes you can be a fan of Picasso, you can be a fan of 21 savage.

If fans can only be used to describe someones love for a sports player then how would you define fan art for people like youtubers? Support art? You can also be a fan of things that arent people, im a huge redbull fan, im also a huge fan of Fuji bicycles.

Hey whatever, thats just my thoughts.
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I completely disagree. I see it as anybody with a supportive audience as having fans no matter the context.
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There is a big difference in being a fan of the actual youtuber and being a fan of the video. I watch alot of meme videos, does that mean im a fan of the person who posted the video? No, it means im a fan of the video itself

Let's not stress about being so politicaly correct here. let the youtubers call their viewers whatever they want
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I disagree. I call all my subscribers fans, I even gets pm'd saying what a big fan they are lol But everyone has their opinions.
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