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Madam hits 4Hunnit internet points.Posted:

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I hit 400 Rep awhile ago, was waiting till 420 or DL King +.
Since that didn't happen here we are.

Gonna keep it short and sweet w/ an optional thanks list to read.

Thanks for everyone who's repped me, who's chatted w/ me, or anyone that I've ever enjoyed some bants with. This year on TTG I hope to achieve great things and without the community that this site has I don't think I'd be motivated to want goals on a forum site aha.
For real though TTG is a family and some of us get along some of us fight.
Regardless I love all you space cowboys cheers .

-Thanks list m8-
Loke (Animal god)
Razberry (My other half)
Folk (Daddy)
Saki (DaddyJr)
Naggy (Krupt)
maDz (Fake staff)
RepBandit (Good man)
Jay (Not Staff)
Greg (Gift me)
Taylor (Eh)
Mr_Robot (Guy who I'm sure hates me and loves me)
RareparrotJr (RIP)
Yammy (Yams)
Hilton (Lowkey staff)
Chat (we havent chat'd)
Mortar (SB father)
Wizard (You wish)
Ninja ( )
-Jord (Had Jord once )
Strokes (100% loveable)
oxo (6 Years later)
Cent (+1000)
Gifty (Graphics man)
Sang (DL Daddy +)
Sean (COD kid)
Ethan (Dance King +)
Shiv (Positive influence)
Nathan (Had a good name)
Daniel (ucuteasheck)
p2w (sir post a lot)
King (King)
Speed (Good staff)
Snow (Rep wh0r3)
tennit (Random gifter)
Famous (Bottom of this list like the bottom of the mods in SB)

Of course remember all the good guys on the wall.

Sorry if I left you out of that thanks list remember I love you all way to much to remember all your usernames.

The Following 17 Users Say Thank You to Petite For This Useful Post:

Xbox (02-27-2017), Skates (02-27-2017), Saku (02-27-2017), Schizoid (02-27-2017), Jay (02-27-2017), Tom (02-27-2017), Rodent_Modz (02-27-2017), Decy (02-27-2017), Saki (02-27-2017), Daniel (02-27-2017), -Jord (02-27-2017), Mediocre (02-27-2017), Mr_Robot (02-27-2017), Loke (02-27-2017), Strokes (02-27-2017), Mortar (02-27-2017), Yamborghini (02-27-2017)
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Grats Madam & ty for the shoutout.

See you at 500 & 1k bud!
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Congratz man
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Congrats Tweaker
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Congrats on reaching 400 rep cutie pie, Hope to see you hit more milestones very soon.

Thanks for the mention.
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Well done!
See you at 500.
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Congrats on those 4 cheese blocks, maybe you'll be so kind to share that cheese ;) everyone likes a bit of cheese, anyhow keep up the great work!
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Congrats on 400 rep Madam.
See you at your next milestone.
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Congrats on 400 Rep! Thanked and Repped!
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Hahaha Thanks for this mention > "Jay (Not Staff) " ... what's that suppose to mean?
Gratz on hitting 400 rep power buddy. Keep it up <3
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