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1000 posts babyPosted:

  • Winter 2017
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I finally managed to get to 1000 posts it's only taken me 6 years hopefully it takes less than 6 years to get another 1k.

The Following 4 Users Say Thank You to oxo For This Useful Post:

Z06 (02-27-2017), Luke (02-27-2017), Rodent_Modz (02-27-2017), Jay (02-27-2017)
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Congrats on 1,001 posts, now to get you to 100 rep!

Rep added, keep on keeping on friend
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Grats on the 1k man.

See you at 2.5k!
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Congratz on 1k bud
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Lol only 6 years. Congrats man
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  • E3 2017
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Congrats on 1k posts bud
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Congrats on rainmaker.

Took me awhile to get that one as well aha.
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Gratz on hitting TTG Senior oxo
Hope you enjoy that gold, see you at 100 rep <3
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Congrats on becoming a Senior man, Maybe see you at another milestone in a few years haha.

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  • E3 2017
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Congrats on 1k posts
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