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Muffler delete on 2013 camaro?Posted:

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Should i do a muffler delete on a 2013 v6 camaro. also what is the pricing we are looking at it being?
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muffler delete isn't really that expensive. It would actually probably sound pretty good. wouldn't be much over $100 if anything because of labor. It just depends on the shop really.
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It's free.... Just take a saw and cut it off yourself.

Not sure about Camaros, but I know V6 Mustangs sound good, I personally wouldn't do anything to the exhaust.
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Muffer deletes are for tuners, get a borla exhaust system or SLP Loudmouth on a muscle car
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This is the classic story of a guy not liking his 6cyl camaro. You should of got the rs or ss one

Also please dont cut off your mufflers. It would sound alot better with some performance mufflers and headers. I like the way the shorty headers and exhaust sounds in my car
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V-6's sound terrible with exhaust mods. IMO
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