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Where do you guys buy your jeans?Posted:

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Lemme Know where you buy them from.
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wherever sells them cheaper. Ive been getting levi's but at the moment im in with the five four club and i have had some pretty good jeans come through them. Im most likely going to be buying those brands again because theyre awesome.
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Buckle, belks or online.

I used to buy all my jeans from American eagle
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I buy my jeans or pants from Target "Super Target" to be exact. I like to wear Mossimo and Denizen.
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Amazon all day
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Kmart, don't sleep on it.
Or the thrift. Don't sleep on that either.
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Buy my jeans at H&M all day everyday
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Ross on a good day or Nordstrom Rack
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Gotta get me them Walmart jeans lmao, they do the job. I do not need anything fancy, I do nothing but work anymore lol.
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