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Changing Home Xbox'sPosted:

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Alright so I get my games of a friend and they accidently changed their home xbox. Their account has now reached the limit for switching home xbox's and therefore I lost the main games I play. I was wondering if anyone knows if I contact microsoft if they will allow me to change the xbox one more time. If anyone has had any experience with this please let me know.

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Call Microsoft and basically chat shit to them. Tell them you didn't change home xbox and you're doing it with a family member or something. They'll give you another share. They did with me when it claimed i'd used my limit of 3x in 12 months.
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I've done this in the past, just contact Microsoft and pretty much say..

"I'd like to stop a friend sharing games with my account.. can you reset my home xbox please".

You'll then be able to share games again
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Xbox support can reset it. Just in case make up a story like your brother did it 3 times and now you cant change it back or something.
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How often do you add your profile to a new console that it's reached it's limit lol
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Yeah all of these guys are right but if I'm not mistaken you can contact them once a year for your gamesharing reset so really you can gameshare 6 times a year
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