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Michael Myers - Xbox 360Posted:

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Designerrr's Michael Myers


NO Commando!
Michael is NOT allowed to use Blast Shield nor use flashes/stuns
Mike MUST wait in spawn until "LAST ALIVE" appears.
Mike goes top team, runners go bottom.
Throwing knife only at 1v1..
Do not camp through out the whole game.
When you go on as Michael you MUST stay on for all the rounds!
Do not invite people when the game is full.


Full in-depth rules:
1) NO COMMANDO. The ONLY exception for this rule is for OMA hard-strafing in the beginning of matches, most commonly it's for light pole.

2) If you're Michael Myers, stay in spawn and do NOT knife anyone until it says you're last alive(typically 15 seconds in when a round starts). This gives a very limited amount of time for the runners/hiders to hide or try for a strafe.

3) Michael Myers CANNOT use ANY equipment, this includes every special grenade and every primary equipment with the exception of a throwing knife.

4) Michael Myers CANNOT use a throwing knife to kill someone until it's a one vs. one where both teams have only one person who is last alive.

5) Both Michael Myers and the Survivors CANNOT go into places where they could not leave(getting stuck). Examples of this are the terminal "out of map" box which you cannot get out once fully in, as with the Skidrow jump behind the forklifts as you cannot get out. If a player is in a said place and you cannot knife them you are allowed to shoot them for the game to continue but ONLY if the player is literally stuck.

6) Survivors: Do NOT camp on two-man glitches to avoid being knifed. If a survivor is on the Quarry platform strafe from crates(referred to as Yolo), and got two manned on the higher platform then they can stay there until Michael Myers makes the strafe as well, then the survivor MUST jump down immediately, otherwise Michael Myers is allowed to shoot the survivor. (If you're Michael Myers and this happens, it is up to you to decide to give them a proper chance to jump down without "puppy-guarding" them.

7) If you're Michael Myers and a survivor hits an EXTREMELY hard strafe/bounce, but is in a spot where they can be knifed, do not knife them. So far there are only two spots in this game that this rule applies to. The two spots are the following: Rundown bounce onto wall, and Terminal front monitor. For the Rundown bounce, if a survivor landed on the wall then you must allow them to be last alive unless they jumped down solely because of how rare and difficult it is to make it up there. (A handful of players have hit this, with a couple capable of hitting it consistently.) As for the Terminal front monitor it's different, if a player manages to hit the Monitor, do not immediately knife them if you are capable of doing so. Monitors is the hardest strafe in the game, and the other rarest spot a survivor would be on is the rundown bounce wall. So if a survivor/player hits the front monitor, let them attempt to move to the next, if they do not for about ten seconds, Michael is allowed to knife them.

8) Do NOT, EVER, tag Michael Myers, or any player for that matter if they are going for a suicide strafe, a jump where they will die if they get tagged, or if they're going for a hard strafe and shooting them would prevent them making it. It's simply a nuisance when this happens and unfortunately this is the most common rule to be broken. The people who do this often, you know who you are. KP* and AN* especially -.-

9. Use an appropriate class. This applies for both the Survivors and Michael Myers. This rule is one of the most lenient. One primary thing is do not use a Riot shield as that is simply unfair and causes complications. If you're Michael Myers, do not use a class that imposes your capability of knifing players. An example of this would be a class without Marathon, and/or lightweight. This makes it significantly more difficult to knife survivors and prolongs the game immensely. Additionally, a survivor can get into a spot that requires lightweight to make. So an ideal class would be this:

Primary Weapon: Submachine Gun/Sniper Rifle
Secondary: Pistol/Anything really.
Equipment: Throwing Knife or Tactical Insertion.
Special Grenade: Anything(only survivors can use this though).
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