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HeliosModz 3rd TTG GOLD GiveawayPosted:

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Hey, im back again with another gold giveaway. THis will be 3..
Wanna win? Just comment why you think you deserve to win, You can just put something like i would like to try gold.. etc
Ill pick the winner when i wake up. must have at least 15+ comments for me to pick a winner. Good luck!

The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to Heli For This Useful Post:

Skates (02-27-2017), Gifty (02-26-2017), Hong (02-26-2017), Wedding (02-26-2017), RVM (02-26-2017), Saku (02-26-2017), Nathan (02-26-2017), Wonderwall (02-26-2017), jch (02-26-2017), EMP (02-26-2017), Allnutt (02-26-2017)
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I deserve gold as im a very active member. and my gold is gone in 2 days
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i'll enter why not, would be cool to* have gold lol thanks.

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Sweet ass giveaway dude I ain't hesitating to be in
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Always active try my best to help out and also chill in the sb with the cool guys lmao and more gold wouldn't hurt
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well im a legend in modding scene original 2009 modder still going strong till few days ago i decided to quite everr need anything on rgh help hmu happy to help also i think i deserve it becuase im always active and will use all the gold and im helpfull around forums ect
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I'd like to enter please. If you must know... I deserve to win cuz I never win any thing, that's it.
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I'll enter, I think I deserve it as I'm doing everything I can do give back to the community, which contains giving away gold every day or every few days, as well as constantly offering free modded lobbies on call of duty, anyway! Good luck to everyone that has entered, thank you for this! It never hurts to have another month of gold!
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I'm always active, always helping out!

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First I'd like to say thanks for helping the community!

I'd like to enter the gold giveaway!

I've been here for 5 years and been helping people in what way I can.. and will continue to do so. I haven't been gold in a while and would like to see what's new.

Thanks for the giveaway
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