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WiFi Connection Drops?Posted:

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My WiFi connection just drops randomly then turns back on then drops again. Been happening for around 1 and a half days. Netgear Router with charter modem. Can it be because if it's old? And has always had lots of devices on it?

I have no idea about any of this stuff I tried to look it up online but I'm stupid lol
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it could be because the router is old.

ill be honest with you

netgear sucks worse than a vacuum cleaner .
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Mines been doing the same thing. Tried ringing BT But they never fix anything.
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Is your internet dropping completely or is it just to router stopping wifi connections. Check your modem next time it happens and watch the lights that go on or off.

Edit: also try a wired connection to see if it is actually the wifi.
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If it is just your wifi, since you are on a nethgear router, search around for the band options. Change it to 40 or 20_40. Do the same to you adapter on your pc/laptop
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Here's some random things you can try:
- Wired connection
- Resetting router if you haven't done so already.
- Checking if anyone else is accessing your router.
- Ringing internet provider.
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I would test your network and see if you are connected to 2.4 ghz or 5.0 ghz. 5.0 is better for close range and 2.4 is good for long range connections and if you are having issues with 2.4 ghz speeds, I'd suggest getting a higher wifi standard router. Test your network with a wired connection and seeing if your network is getting dropped or seeing unusual activity. If you are unsure on what router to get and have no experience setting up your network, I'd just contact your internet support provider and have them install their router so that way they are partially responsible for the router and you can get more help with the configuration of the router.
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Xbox wroteit could be because the router is old.

ill be honest with you

netgear sucks worse than a vacuum cleaner .
Shut up you tail end- No idea what you're talking about lol.

Netgear is great for routing.

Which devices are dropping out? - That's a vital question brah.

For short term I would power cycle your router. Turn your router off, unplug it and hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and power on.

Who is your ISP? If your ISP said they can't help you ring them back now and complain dudeeee
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Are all of your devices being disconnected or just certain devices?
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Try doing a pin reset on the modem and then powercycle the router. If that doesn't work make sure it's not just that device having the issue. Also try changing the wireless channel, channels 3,8,11 on 2.4G are usually the best. If all else fails try directly connecting to your modem, if there are problems with that there then it's something you would wanna contact your ISP about
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