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A Reintroduction?Posted:

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Hey how's it going?

So I've been a member of the site for quite awhile but I have always been sort of a lurker due to my shyness but nevertheless I'm coming out of my shell so expect to see me around! :p

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Mr_Robot (02-22-2017)
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Glad to see you want to take the step and get out some more, make sure to read the rules and avoid warnings!
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Welcome back
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Welcome back bro! There is usually always something exciting that is happening on the site either in the shoutbox or a giveaway of some sort! Hopefully you stick around for a while now and become more active!
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welcome back to the site bruv
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Welcome Nitro hope you have fun and stay active
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Way to break that shell mane, see ya around.
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Welcome bro. Dont be afraid to pm one of us or ask if you need help. We are here for you
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Welcome back to the site.
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Welcome back man, hope you stay with us.
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