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Hello MrTrap200 herePosted:

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My name is orlando. I go by MrTrap2000. I play. Call of duty only... Im ranked. In the top. 50K in. Domination. And ranked. 605. In sabotage. Hit me up on xb1. If yall wanna game
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welcome to the community man and them are some good ranks i managed to make my way into the top 20k on hardcore tdm, anyway keep up on the rules and hope to see you around!
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Welcome to the community friend, I also play call of duty! ^_^ and a lot of other uses do too! we're always ready to game
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welcome to the site hopefully you stick around
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Welcome to the TTG be active and read the rules
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hi and welcome MrTrap2000

enjoy your stay!!!
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Welcome to the site tryhard.
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Welcome pal!

Nice man, I play COD too! Want to play a game anytime just pm me ;)
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Trappin trappin trappin

Welcome to the site man
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