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Guess i am back?Posted:

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Hey guys so after almost year out of this site i have decided to make a return. I took time out to focus on College and other things in real life and now i have decided to come back this site!

I hope to make a positive impact with my comeback and i hope to meet a few new faces along the way.

Thanks guys!

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Hey, we are glad you have returned!

Welcome back
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Welcome back make sure to get refreshed on the rules!
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Welcome back sure nice to see an old active member making a comeback.
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I'm glad you broke away from the site to focus on real life things. That is way more important than us. Glad you have returned if you need anything or have any question let me know.
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Welcome back Lia.
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Me and you used to go back now you can't even remember me and it's sad
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Welcome back to the site bud glad your doing stuff in real life
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Welcome back
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Welcome back bud
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