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Which person has the most power in the world?Posted:

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Hola all

Simple question... Who has the most power in the world, in terms of beliefs, weapons, control etc...

I think Rupert Murdoch. He owns the media basically. Anything he says can be published and can manipulate people so easily...

Who is the most power-fullest Man/woman ?

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DutyManager wroteMy fish
Thanks for your input
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I'll play devils advocate and say Donald Trump.
Feel free to use this post to either affirm or deny this.

Defining the person with the most power as "the person who can change the world by the largest amount for the better" - which is a very narrow description, I know - I would say Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the monarch of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest exporter of Wahhabi Islam, the ideology which ISIS and many other terrorist organisations subscribe to throughout the Middle East, Southern Asia, and North Africa.
If they stopped exporting this ideology it would increase the well-being of billions of people over the next generation.

  • Women's rights would become more readily available in these countries
  • Terrorist groups would fizzle out and become a minor threat
  • Homosexuals would not have to fear being thrown off rooftops
  • Atheists wouldn't be branded terrorists for simply not believing in God
  • Freedom of speech would be much more free and we wouldn't have to worry about cartoonists being killed for depicting the prophet Muhammed
  • It would be much easier to bring aid and relief work to North African nations because the workers wouldn't have to fear for their lives and there would be less people stealing the aid
  • With groups like Boko Haram gone western education and values like free speech and freedom of religion could prosper in African nations.
  • Other countries could focus more on their own problems rather than attempting to work out how to fix the civil wars that brew in these ones
  • The lack of civil wars would mean that the people in these countries could focus on economic, infrastructural, and scientific growth

The potential benefits to humanity that could be made by this man if he simply decided that Wahhabi Islam was a bad interpretation of the Quran and the Hadiths are almost endless and would have the same effect on the world, if not a larger effect, than when Christianity became modernized and gave rise to the largely peaceful societies we see in the west today.

Or perhaps I'm being far too ideological and he would just be assassinated right after making his hypothetical announcement.

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Id say trump or Kim jong-un
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Putin I'd say...
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The Queen of the united kingdom, the queen has an ultimate power over many different commonwealth she just never wrongly uses her power
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No one person is the strongest. It's simple as that.

The strongest groups of people which do not include military is the United Nations which almost every country in the world is apart of.

As for the strongest military. It's close between the U.S. and Russia.

We have the most

Aircraft carriers

While Russia has the most tanks which 40% of them are Cold War era and do not stand a chance in today's world.

EDIT: While China is strong as well. They only have numbers meaning people not equipment.
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Jacob Rothschild....
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