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Currently I am looking for a job particularly in retail. I went today to hand out my resume. A few of the managers accepted it and were more than happy to meet me, but most of them, about 70%, said they can't accept it and I have to apply online... This pisses me off so much. Online applications are EXTREMELY impersonal and I think it's a load of senseless garbage. All they can see from online is a digital piece of paper for all they know, I could be a gang banger or I could be the best candidate in the world. It's extremely frustrating because it seems if you didn't participate in every club imaginable in high school or weren't a valedictorian or don't have a degree from Harvard you don't get a call back. I am a very nice person and I enjoy working with others but it's a shame that I don't get the chance due to online applications.
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Personally, I enjoy online apps, mostly because being at my desk is most comfortable for me than any other situation but that is just me.
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I like online applications but I understand your frustration. Bringing in a resume/application just makes it more known to the manager they you are truly interested in the job.
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Online applications are so much easier
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Yes you get to miss out on those impressions its also bad for people who dont have significant accomplishments because the will be filtered out by the system, I wont say thats unfair you have to do something to get that box checked that makes them interested. I understand your topic and it can be frustrated thats why places by where I live do open interviews sometimes to give everyone a shot however holding everyones resume online and not thousands of papers and, in the eyes of the company, pointless time the managers could be working.
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It just enables them to view the applications better and negates the terrible handwriting.
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Its alot easier and they cant really lose a online app so i think its 10 times easier filling one out online
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A big benefit of online job applications for employers is that many resumes are filtered out using automated software. They can work in your favor if you know how you write a top tier resume
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i would found it more easier on online
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Apply online and after a few days call in and bug the manager, always worked for me!
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