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Is it abuse or is it just joking around / banter?Posted:

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So this had been on the back on my mind for a bit of time. And i think it's time i share it. Hopefully something happens about it. So straight up... Not everyone's humour is the same.
I get the whole banter thing. But i think we need to clamp down on how aggressive some of it actually is. So an example would be. In the Shoutbox there is a lot of "fgt" banter. But also quite recently i've seen some new users in there. So these new faces might not know about the typical SB banter and
might actually take it personally Like i did, read below.

I have experienced something like this and it actually hit me really hard to the point i was ready to flip out at OP and that was the "Ur Nan" talk. I don't think half of the guys maybe all of them realise that some things like this can offend someone so much. I'll even say how mine went just so you get an even better view into what happened.

So i joined the SB as i have done almost every day for the last 14 months. And going on right there was "Ur Nan" banter. Like i can take a joke so i thought what the hell. Then as soon as some other user mentioned this "Ur Nan" another user which i will not name replied with "is ded".
Right, now that's to the point where this was taken too far. So i replied with a very simple "Yes she is, so can you calm the nan talk?" Then OP replied with "i'm glad she's dead". Again, i'm not mentioning names as this happened a couple months back and i actually did speak with a member of staff about. I think these types of "banter" should be treated seriously and not just laughed at. Try putting yourself in my shoes when that happened to me. And all i ask is, would you like it? No you wouldn't.

So basically all this is aiming to achieve is being more aggressive with rules towards these conversations and also in the SB. As i stated above not everyone's humour is the same. 2 million + users... things like this should not be allowed to be discussed in a sick manor. Or even this "fgt" talk.

Thank you for reading. And i hope this doesn't offend anyone else like it has with me in the past. Feel free to leave feedback.


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I agree. The internet can be a cruel place which indeed it is. No one is going to care what they say because they are behind a computer / phone screen and does not understand the consequences it may have on the person they said it to. When i see someone saying or talking about something which seems to offend me i just leave the SB or ignore them, if they see that it annoys me and they try to use it to get me annoyed all i have to do is block them.

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The occasionally banter is fine, but some members need to learn how far they can go with their banter between members. There is also a difference with banter between friends who know they're messing around, and banter with new members who have no idea what is going on.
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I posted a similar case almost a year ago actually that can be found here with a member that is no longer apart of the site.

I posted it because I was concerned on how easily it was said to me and how staff did nothing about it at the time. I am sure he obviously didn't mean it, but not everyone would take that the same way and some might react differently to it. When I posted it in the Ask the Staff section I was pretty much blown off by a staff member which wasn't really what I was looking for.
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I agree strongly Jay, a lot of peoples perception on 'banter' may be a real life issue for someone else such as a relative passing.

Admittedly there is a fine line between the two. But I don't see an issue with things like this being monitored as it should be.

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The shoutbox is just full of immature arse licks tbh.

Although, there are some top lads in there. It's not even banter, it's just people trying to be 'funny' I've been in the shoutbox once, never again.
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There are a lot of people that just say things and aren't really thinking about the person on the other side of the conversation. I agree that banter between friends is much different, but regular banter is fine to me because I really don't care, but there are a lot of users that probably do. It's a double edged sword that some people are okay with and some aren't.
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Who ever said they're happy your nan is dead is a complete fvggot.
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If this is the case, I think the staff should drop a few ground rules in the shoutbox. Yeah I know it's just a bit of banter on the internet but if there was a small rule set I bet more people would come into the shoutbox, it's pretty savage at times, as OP proved to us. It's a small friend circle that dominate the SB and everybody knows it lmao.

I know staff moderate it and mute people blah blah but a rule set that you can actually view would be handy.
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"Its the shoutbox never take things serious." aka talk all the shit you want its not serious. I got shit talked for months and look where those members are, staff, special ranks. But dont talk shit about staff in "private" convos cause then you get punished.

have fun.
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