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The Funniest Joke Of All TimePosted:

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What's the funniest joke of all time?

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little bit more explanation would be helpful
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Nah, even tho we secretly love him and he does a lot for TTG. The biggest joke is.........................................................................

Famous is STAFF!
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There were these two onions. They met in a coffee shop and fell in love.

Eventually they got married, Mr Onion and Mrs Onion, and they have an onion coupling.
A little baby onion is born. Two years pass and baby onion is playing outside the front of the house.
Mr Onion comes home from a hard day at work and rolls up onto the couch to watch his favorite onion football team while Mrs Onion is preparing some food in the kitchen - probably onions.

Baby Onion, while playing outside, trips over a rock and rolls out into the road just as a car comes speeding around the corner. The car rolls right over baby onion.
Mr Onion and Mrs Onion hear the sounds of their son screaming and roll outside in absolute terror and race baby onion to the hospital.

Baby onion is rushed into surgery. Mrs Onion is heavily sedated because she is so frantic and can't handle the stress, but Mr Onion is rolling up and down in the hallway of the hospital pacing and thinking about his son, the good times and the bad, and just praying that his little baby onion will be OK.

Hours go by with no news and then the doctor onion rolls out of the surgery room. He slips the surgeons mask off his face and wipes the droplets of sweat from his forehead, and he rolls up to Mr Onion.

Mr Onion frantically asks him what has happened, will his baby onion be alright, and the doctor onion replies, "Your baby onion has had a terrible accident... we did all we could and he will survive, but I'm afraid he's going to be a vegetable for the rest of his life."

- The best and worst joke ever
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hahahhahhahahhahhahahhahhahhahhahhahahha omg best joke i've ever seen
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